Get things done
in a world of talk.


Engage, Make, Repeat

Facilitate means “To make easy.” At WorkVisible we facilitate building great products & services, great teams and great places to work. We facilitate change at scale. We help create environments where people thrive and do more work that matters.

To us, It’s all about people. In the old world, organisations looked for consultants to come along with all the answers. We aren’t like that. We bring tough questions, expert facilitation, visual thinking and engagement. We work with you, your team, your entire organisation and customers, to provoke, imagine and to act. To co-create the future of your work, to make a difference and have great fun doing it.


We solve tough problems with Design Sprints

Product challenges? Org design puzzles? Service Design quandaries? Strategic dichotomies?

A Design Sprint is an intensive week long event that gives you actionable insight & next steps to solve your toughest problems.


We make events memorable

Upcoming offsite? Project kickoff? Conference? All hands? Meetup?

Our live drawing and capture of talks, panels and feedback sessions creates massively sharable content and conversations that matter.

Large scale visual thinking exercises engage participants like nothing else & drive your agenda forward.

Unique artefacts and event mementos support communication and action long after the event is finished.


We engage whole organisations to enable change

Transformation isn’t a one off project or initiative, it’s a new mode of operation.

Whether you’re embarking on a new direction, a big transition, culture change, digital or agile transformation we help you work with the whole organisation establish a new way of doing things.

We help you create the ability to transform and keep on transforming, we challenge you to change by adventure.


We deliver great workshops & training

We provide workshops and training for a lot of the methods and skills we use, including:

Agile & Lean, Visual Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Bikablo Visual Facilitation, Bikablo Visual Storytelling, Facilitation with Game Storming, Design Sprint facilitation, Decision Making and more.


 Some of our customers: