We work with people to create great customer experiences. To build a great place to work. To get better at both.

We love design, design thinking, agile and lean. We love new ideas, research, and how they can improve our lives. We love smart questions, communication and storytelling.

Combine these passions with curiosity, expert facilitation and gamification and you have WorkVisible.

At WorkVisible we start with you. Your business, your customers, how you work and your people. Where your company is heading and what your challenges are. We work with you to create this picture.

After all, self awareness is the start of any change.

We believe success is down to people and teams. People with a common purpose & a common understanding. People in a positive culture of enquiry and improvement, growing capability and confidence. Creative people applying new skills, new ideas and new ways of working. People getting and celebrating results. People building and delivering great experiences for customers, and inside the company too.

When we work with you, we help your people do just that.

How we work.

We believe the usual way of consulting doesn’t deliver on it’s promise. Too often customers end up with a report that sits on a shelf, and nothing changes. Recommendations can seem obvious, impractical, or missing important facts. It’s an expensive way not to get things done. The people who understand your business best are in the team you have today. We capitalise on that, rather than use our big brains to give you the answers. We do introduce new ideas and thinking, but your people apply them to get the answers.

In the end, this means less time on site for us, more results for you.

To do this we guide you through a process. This might be a standard process, or one that we design to meet your needs. We run series of workshops and sessions to help you get to where you want to go. We give one off and regular challenges to you and your team to run while we aren’t there. We support when necessary, and supply advice and expertise when needed.

We focus on learning by doing rather than just attending training. Rather than judge where you are, we prefer peer and self assessment. Thinking and self evaluation are more likely to generate insights that stick. We work with your team to introduce new ideas and solutions, and do so at a sustainable pace. We give you a toolset to keep doing so long after we’ve gone.

You and your team change your company for the better. We guide and support you to get there.

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